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Real Estate Agent Gold Coast


There are many aspects of a Gold Coast Real Estate Agent which make them stand out from the average.


Foremost among these are the ability to communicate, to maintain full transparency and to follow up throughout the buying process.

It’s always the little things that matter, and to find a real estate agent ( a good one) would have to hit the mark all the time.

real estate agent gold coast

Because of the huge competition amongst real estate agents on the Gold Coast, you can be very picky and find a real estate agent near me.

Try and find an agent or broker that maintains a very personal, professional and affable approach together with an impeccable level of integrity.

Also look for someone who can provide the correct info and prompt assistance on any enquiries and emails.

Very important is to find a real estate agent who is interested to the point where they have knowledge of the specific houses you are looking for.

You should get the feeling that you are dealing with a genuine individual you could trust, and not just a salesperson that is commission hungry.

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 Remember that most of all you want a dedicated and sincere person assisting you to sell your home.

Once again, because of the competition on the Gold Coast you need someone who can offer professional service all the way to settlement, and getting your money in the bank.

In short, you need someone who can get the job done.

Another important aspect is to find someone who understands the market, and who can target the house towards the right buyers.

You also need to find someone who understands marketing, and especially one that understands digital media, and relies less on old home opens and newspaper ads.

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Honesty and openness about the market, the presentation and the price is another great plus.

Above all, find someone who is calm and in control and who clicks with you the genuine professional real estate agents on the Gold Coast are all about looking out for your interests rather than their commission.

So, find someone who understands your selling needs, who has a great work ethic, and who is prepared to take care of everything while always keeping prompt, friendly open lines of communication.

If this is the real estate agent you are looking for on the Gold Coast, then I am your man.

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So if you are looking for a real estate agent on the Gold Coast, just what are the qualities of your ideal real estate broker?

To start off, the qld Gold Coast is chock-full of real estate agents, and it is not surprising given that the Gold Coast remains one of the fastest-growing areas in Queensland.

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Combine with this the fact that the Gold Coast is Australia’s primary holiday destination, and thus you have a huge demand for the buying and selling of houses.

Many of the more upwardly mobile interstate citizens have as part of their goal the dream of retiring on the Gold Coast.

Then, you also have many upwardly mobile individuals throughout Australia who would love nothing more than two settle on the Gold Coast

Primarily for the holiday lifestyle and the great beaches and entertainment available over here.

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Who wouldn’t want a property or real estate on the Gold Coast?

Given you have these above factors constantly creating demand for properties on the Gold Coast, there is a huge demand for real estate agents on the Gold Coast as well.

In reality the entire Gold Coast location is dotted with sales offices for real estate sales agents desperate to list your property.





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Everybody knows that property sales can be very lucrative, but among such incredible competition as you find among real estate agents on the Gold Coast,

There are a list of qualities that you should look out for when it comes to buying and selling property in this highly desirable part of South East Qld.

The first thing you should look out for are reviews.

Other than for some instances where businesses pay for fake reviews, reviews still remain the most trusted method of evaluating companies to find those who can best serve you.

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Fact is that 91% of people use third-party reviews as their primary means of finding those companies and individuals that they would feel comfortable doing business with.

So you should definitely use third-party reviews as one of your key criteria to evaluate real estate agents on the Gold Coast.

Just go through Google reviews to find a realtor who seems to best represent sellers of real property.


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Remember that a broker typically is licensed to work independently, but an agent normally operates under the umbrella of a licensed broker in order to represent clients.

Look for reviews in which you find agents who are really good in negotiating sales agreements, and you have the experience to manage all the documentation needed to close real estate transactions.

What should you look out for regarding “Location”

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As you all have probably heard by now, real estate is all about location, location, location.  This is true both for residential as well as commercial real estate.

For that reason you have to choose a real estate agent on the Gold Coast who is very familiar with the area.

For residential real estate, the team drive you through the area so you can find out where the schools are.  

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Other important aspects that make a huge difference in the price of the real estate are amenities such as shopping centres, restaurants, coffee shops, et cetera.

For buyers, it is important to browse through all the listings in your area, not only for price but to discover those listings which are convenient from an education or a school point of view. 

Property sales are normally much better for properties which are in a great location regarding residential amenities, and especially schools.

Another important aspect of jobs in Queensland is to find properties which are close to train stations or bus stops.

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